Automated Fingerprint Identification System

The Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS) is a biometric identification (ID) methodology that uses digital imaging technology to obtain, store, and analyze fingerprint data. The AFIS was originally used by the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) in criminal cases. Lately, it has gained favor for general identification and fraud prevention.

Fingerprinting, as a form of personal identification, is a refined methodology that is proven in practice and accepted in courts of law. AFIS itself has been around for more than 25 years. But this is for the first time in Pakistan that VisualSoft (Pvt.) Ltd. has developed an AFIS to empower law enforcement agencies. VS has deployed Automated Finger Prints Identification System at DIG Office, Region III, Rawalpindi successfully. Main attribute are as follow:-


  1. To verify & identify fingerprints of criminals, who are in the record-books of Thanas / Jails (History Sheeters) to narrow-down list of suspects by collecting fingerprints impressions from crime-site.
  2. To verify & identify fingerprints of criminals, who might have committed the crime a-fresh, by matching fingerprints, collected from crime-site with those stored-up by other Govt. organizations.
  3. To facilitate Police to locate, identify arrest & put on trials real-time criminals instead of arresting innocent citizens on mere suspicion basis.
  4. To expedite criminal proceeding by quickly arresting the criminals & bringing them to courts for trials & subsequent punishments.
  5. To create psychological deterrence amongst the society for not committing crime or else they would be caught within no time.
  6. To help in establishment of a peaceful & crime-free society.

Operation Mode – Searching

  1. Fingerprints collected from the crime-site any where in the district would be brought to the Computer Cell of DPO’s Office & the prints fed in the System. Specialized VS FPV&IC System Software will match the prints from the stored data & if the match is located by the system, it will display all information regarding the criminal.
  2. The VS FPV&IC System has the capability of matching a fingerprint impression with 35000 impressions within seconds.
  3. Once the match has been found, the system can also display visuals of the culprit stored in the database.
  4. Since each of the provinces have their own police set-ups, VS FPV&IC System’s Software located in one province can be linked-up with that of the other to search in the systems of other provinces as well.
  5. VS FPV&IC Systems at DPO’s level will be linked-up with high-potency data-feeding & searching systems at DIG’s level and finally with still more potent systems at IG’s Level.
  6. The VS FPV&IC System installed at DPO’s level will store data of the criminals living in the district. Since multiple smaller districts come under one DIG, so VS FPV&IC system will store data as per the DIG’s jurisdiction & similarly VS FPV&IC system will store data at provincial level at IG’s Computer Cell.
  7. The feeding of database / searching can be carried-out on ON-LINE bases vertically & horizontally i.e. form DPO’s level to IG’s level vertically in a province & horizontally i.e. district to district level / DIG to DIG level in a province or IG to IG level on inter-province basis all over Pakistan.

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